The Randolph Baseball Committee is looking for volunteer members to join the committee for this upcoming season.  We are hoping to get both moms and dads who are interested in joining to help run our baseball programs.  All are encouraged to apply.  We are hoping to get representatives from all levels, starting with those with kids at the youngest levels including T-ball, and all the way through those with kids at the Babe Ruth and High School level.
The committee usually meets once per month although often meets more frequently in the few months leading directly up to the season.  We are looking for people to bring specific skill sets to our committee, including skills in sales, marketing, teaching, fundraising, etc…  Also, we are seeking out anyone with baseball experience and of course a love for the game!  Finally, we are looking for anyone interested in contributing their efforts and ideas to help make the program as fun and successful as possible for the sake of all the kids.
If you are interested, please contact Dave Tamres (  Feel free to contact with any questions including seeking more information about the committee.  We ask you reply by October 15th so we can finalize the committee for the upcoming season.